FECL Bylaws as Amended May 2009 (PDF file)

Summary of Proposed Bylaws Changes from the 1997 Version

(1) The Bylaws have been reorganized into a more modern format and a more
logical arrangement. Minor editorial improvements have also been made.

(2) Classes of membership are no longer specified but “shall be
determined by the Board of Directors”. (Cf. the new III 2a.)

(3) The fiscal year has been changed from July 1- June 30 to January 1 –
December 31. (Cf. the new VI 5b.)

(4) The membership year has also been changed from July 1 – June 30 to
January 1 – December 31. (Cf. the new III 3a.)

(5) The time of the Annual Meeting has been set as May or June instead of
November or December. (Cf. the new IV 1a.)

(6) The listed duties of the Corresponding Secretary have been reduced
to: “shall handle correspondence as directed by the Board” from the
previous additional statements involving notifying the Board members and
the general membership about meetings. (Cf. the new V 2d.)

(7) Nominations of officers and Board members may no longer be made from
the floor at the Annual Meeting (but can be made as before by the
Nominating Committee or by a petition of five members submitted to the
Chair at least two weeks before the Annual Meeting). (Cf. the new VII 1c.)

(8) Previously all checks had to be signed by the Treasurer and the
Chairman. Now checks for less than $500 shall be signed by one of the
Treasurer, Chair, or Vice Chair and checks for $500 or more must be signed
by two of these three. (Cf. the new IX 1a,b.)

(9) Financial records (called simply “books” in the previous version)
must now be audited annually whereas no frequency was specified in the
1997 Bylaws. (Cf. IX 2c.)

(10) Throughout the proposed Bylaws the words “Chairman” and “Vice
Chairman” have been changed to “Chair” and “Vice Chair”.

FECL Bylaws as Amended June 1997 (PDF file)